Our Commitment

At Entain, we want our customers to enjoy gambling in a safe and responsible environment. We have a policy that outlines our commitment to Responsible Gambling.

What we do

We believe that gambling should be an enjoyable leisure activity for all of our customers, but also acknowledge and understand the social impact that Problem Gambling has on our community. Entain recognises it’s responsibility as a wagering operator to contribute to the better understanding and prevention of problem gambling.

  • Entain actively monitors customer accounts and behaviour to identify situations where our customers may be experiencing problem gambling. We have a team of people dedicated to offering guidance and support to help customers stay in control and enjoy our services.
  • We have developed Punter Assist; a suite of features designed to help customers manage their account and have control over their account and their activity. For more information about Punter Assist click here.
  • Entain voluntarily promotes and participates in gambling studies to further research into gambling addiction and problem gambling.
  • We regularly participate in Responsible Gambling forums and connect with and support community services groups dedicated to helping persons affected by problem gambling. We engage these groups and services to provide training and insight based on lived experiences to our staff, including our dedicated Responsible Gambling team.
  • We are owned by Entain PLC, one of the world’s largest sports betting and gaming groups. We connect closely and regularly with the experience and knowledge base of our international counterparts to ensure Entain Australia offers the best suite of tools to its customers to help them stay in control and enjoy gambling in a safe environment.
  • Our services are designed to appeal to, and be used by persons over the age of 18. We employ age verification at signup to prevent minors from opening accounts. We work with banks to help block gambling transactions on debit cards belonging to minors, and ensure a minimum distance is kept between billboard advertising and schools. If we identify underage users being granted use of legitimate customer accounts, those customers can be banned permanently from all of our services. More information regarding how you can help prevent minors accessing our services is available here.