Stay in Control

There are many ways to manage your betting, including setting limits, reminders, taking breaks and more. Check out the tools and techniques available to help you stay in control.

Self Exclusion

If you believe you can no longer gamble safely, are experiencing negative impacts due to your gambling and no longer feel in control, you should consider self-excluding from betting with us.

To self-exclude means to stop betting or gambling completely via that service; depending on what you need it can be permanent or temporary. All bookmakers in Australia, as well as casinos, and other physical gaming venues allow you the option to self-exclude.

Self-Excluding from multiple bookmakers

The Northern Territory Racing Commission manages a multi-operator self-exclusion scheme for all wagering operators licensed in the Northern Territory. You can find more information about the scheme or download the Northern Territory’s self-exclusion form below.

You can return this form to our Customer Support Staff by email, or directly to the Northern Territory via the contact details listed in the link above to self-exclude from multiple bookmakers at once.

Some jurisdictions such as South Australia also have Barring Orders available. Please contact our Customer Support team if you would like further information about this.

Self-Excluding from us

You can begin a permanent, lifetime Self Exclusion from all of Entain Australia’s bookmakers online.

To Self-Exclude with Ladbrokes and Neds:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Navigate to “Punter Assist”
  3. Select “Responsible Gambling” and click the Self-Exclude button

Note: Self-Excluding online is immediate and permanent. It cannot be reversed.

If you don’t wish to permanently exclude, consider if one of our take a break options is more appropriate for you.

You can Self-Exclude Temporarily by contacting us via phone or email, or by completing and returning the Northern Territory Self-Exclusion Form available above.