Our Commitment

At Entain, we want our customers to enjoy gambling in a safe and responsible environment. We have a policy that outlines our commitment to Responsible Gambling.

Punter Assist

In March 2020 Entain released the Punter Assist toolkit across all our brands.

We have developed Punter Assist to be a one-stop shop for a customer to manage their betting account, with the intention of having “being in control” become part of the every-day gambling experience, just like any other Entain product or promotion that is always available.

Features of Punter Assist

We analysed the features we previously offered in our “responsible gambling zone” as well as tools offered by other operators and in international jurisdictions and came up with some new features and enhancements that we wanted to offer as account management tools. The focus of Punter Assist is to offer the most relevant and comprehensive suite of tools so that our customers have the flexibility to manage their account in a way that best suits them.

Punter Assist can be accessed by logging into your account and accessing “My Account” from the menu.

Deposit Limits – We made our deposit limits more flexible, so you can have multiple limits for different time periods, and can even set limits for specific days of the week.

Take a Break – Choose a time out period up to 6 months to take a break from your account.

Block Out – You can choose up to 6 days of the week where you won’t be able to log into your account. This block can be modified, so long as you are not blocked out for the current day.

Deposit Options – You can choose what type of deposit methods are displayed as available to you.

Check In – Set up a reminder notification to let you know when your activity triggers certain events, for example depositing a certain amount of money, when your balance drops below a certain amount, or when you’ve placed a certain value of bets

Session Timer - allows you to keep track of how long you have been betting for at any time. This timer appears at the bottom of each page, or in the menu on the mobile app.

Activity Statements – You can access your previous activity statement history here, as well as generate a new activity statement in this section.

Account Closure – You can easily close your account at any time and for any reason online.

Responsible Gambling Section – “Responsible Gambling” is still an important, well recognised phrase that we use as a signpost to direct customers to information that relates to responsible gambling, staying in control and finding help. The responsible gambling section in Punter Assist contains links to this website, our RG policy, gambling support services, and includes our online Self-Exclusion portal, allowing customers to self-exclude immediately online from all Entain brands.