Stay in Control

There are many ways to manage your betting, including setting limits, reminders, taking breaks and more. Check out the tools and techniques available to help you stay in control.

Set Reminders

Personal Reminders

Setting reminders is an effective way to keep a track of the time and money you spend gambling. Consider setting a reminder in your phone for when you reach your desired time limit or for when you have other commitments to go to.

Many bookmakers will offer a session timer on their website so you can see how long you’ve been gambling for. Know how long you want to bet for and don’t exceed it!

Check In

We offer a tool called Check In which allows you to set reminder notifications for yourself within our websites and apps.

Setting a Check in is easy:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select “Punter Assist”
  3. Select “Check In” then choose your Check In type

You can set notifications to remind you when you’ve been logged in for a set amount of time, when your balance drops to a set amount, or when you’ve made a set amount of bets or deposits.