Responsible Gambling

What is Responsible Gambling? What is Problem Gambling? Why should I gamble responsibly, and how do I know if I am?

About Responsible Gambling

Gambling Responsibly simply means being in control of your own decisions, time and money in relation to gambling.

Many people practice responsible gambling without even thinking about it, although loss of control can happen quickly. There are a few key ways you can identify if you’re in control of your gambling:

  • You understand gambling is not a way to earn a living – it’s a form of entertainment
  • You don’t gamble under the influence of alcohol or other drugs to the point where your decision-making is affected
  • If you lose, you let it go; trying to win back your losses doesn’t work!
  • You set yourself limits for what you want to spend, and you stick to them
  • You don’t let gambling take priority over things like work, family, and friends

When people begin to lose control of their gambling, they can become at risk of problem gambling. Try our Self-Assessment to see if you are at risk.